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Tatu 13

Episode 921: In Which Cube Discovers Disc Covers and Reveals Real Veal

Posted on 2008.08.11 at 11:42
Current Mood:: confusedconfused
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So here we are then. Another Day. Another Livejournal Entry. Another struggle to say something interesting. I don't know. How about something interesting from recent events? How about for example that whole Olympics thing. I think it's wrong and bad to give the Olympics to a country that so blatantly disregards human rights wherever it goes. It slumps over into Tibet opressing as many Buddhist monks in orange robes as it can then it stumbles around the place gobbling up the hopes and dreams of innocent people and turning it into so much mutrescent fulsh.

By the way I think I might need to go back to bed because even I don't know what mutrescent fulsh is. It sounds rather gross but also at the same time like it might be multicoloured. Like some kind of rainbow vomit or something. Anyway I was having this dream that the universe was ending and that God had come and told the smallest being alive, a sentient atom, that it was ending and the sentient atom was whooshing about across the universe trying to stop it somehow. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment. I used to have dreams that I was meeting tatu, or that I was one of their best friends and we were at a post office, or that I was Lena Katina. Now I'm having overly elaborate dreams about atoms and the end of the universe. Combine the odd dreams with the mustrescent fulsh and I think we have a recipe for taking over the universe. Or for disgusting but brightly coloured candyfloss.

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