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Tatu 44

Writer's Block: Your Costume

Posted on 2008.08.09 at 10:22
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If you were the sort of cartoon or video game character that always wears a costume, what would you wear? Why?

I'd wear a white fedora, white jacket and white jeans combination. Don't ask me why but I think it would look good.

In other news I had a dream last night involving Ron Rifkin off of Alias. I'd been shot or something and I'd decided to watch a film starring Ron Rifkin. Anyway one of the doctors made it clear that if I stopped watching the film with Ron Rifkin before the medicalness was done I'd probably die. All else that I remember is that poor old Ron got shot at the end of the film.
Aren't dreams amazing? In that dream a film starring Ron Rifkin was an accepted medical treatment for a gunshot wound! If TV or films were an accepted medical treatment for anything I should wager that I'd be the healthiest chap in the whole of the bloody old world!

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