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Tatu 60

Aren't Blackouts Fun?

Posted on 2008.08.07 at 20:03
Current Mood:: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music:: Keane - Spiralling
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Okay they're not fun in that it makes it difficult to refridgerate your food, to illuminate the dark and to watch your favouritist TV programs in the whole world but I kind of like the concept of having a blackout because it means I get to use candles. I don't know precisely how much fun would be obtained from operating a stick of wax with string in the centre but for some reason I really think it would be fun to sit in the dark illuminated by candles and tell spooky ghost stories or look at lesbians or something. However as this blackout turned out to be just long enough to communicate the fact that there was a blackout I was rather disappointed. Next blackout I'm heading straight for the candle cupboard regardless of any other circumstances. Even if it's the middle of the day I'm lighting some up and holding a spooky seance.

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