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Tatu 27

All The Excitement of A Thursday Box of Excitement

Posted on 2008.08.07 at 16:47
Current Mood:: draineddrained
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Hello and welcome to todays edition of the thing. Today's writer's block is a bit shoddy with no real entertainment value attached to it so I'm going to have to use my old brainbox to come up with something entertaining to say to you all. That task to me in my current state sounds like some kind of Herculean labour. Which is not to say that it is like Hercules the legendary greek hero who has become inexplicably pregnant. Although that sounds even harder. Suffice it to say that, with or without the interference of greek mythological figures who are in the family way, I'm tired and hot and my brain has broken. Tune in tomorrow for some ramblings which are hopefully slightly more coherant.

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