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Tatu 32

Katy Perry Kissed A Girl (and she liked it!)

Posted on 2008.08.06 at 19:38
Current Mood:: lazylazy
Current Music:: Tatu - White Robe
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Okay so when Tatu released that song that they released which I apparently can't remember the title any more. You know it's the one where they wear very little and kiss in the rain. This is really a rather embarassing lapse in knowledge for a lesbian expert such as myself. All The Things She Said. That's it. I'm allowed not to remember that because although it was their breakthrough song and it did contain rainsoaked lesbian kissing I always preferred Not Gonna Get Us.

Anyway so when they released that it was their first big release and I'm fairly sure that at the time I was straight on the old interweb proclaiming my love for them. So with that in mind I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV the other day listening to the radio (the real radio) and this song by Katy Perry comes on. I'd heard it a few times and it's about experimenting with lesbianism. I've looked her up and she's decently attractive and the song is good and catchy and there's lesbians involved... So why aren't I more enthusiastic about it all? Same set of circumstances as with Tatu's debut song and bizarrely I'm nonplussed by the whole Katy Perry experience.

I think the problem here is that when it comes to tatu you have a pair of lesbians right there and no further assembly is required. They can go on to sing songs about whatever they like. Katy Perry is lacking one crucial factor. Another person. If you wanted lesbianesque things to occur in the vicinity of Katy Perry you'd have to find another girl ready to go at it and well it's a bit of a hassle. Despite being incredibly enthusiastic about lesbians I'm actually incredibly lazy and the thought of mentally having to pair up Katy Perry with say... Portia De Rossi for example, it's too much of a brainstrain.

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