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Tatu 34

Writer's Block: Your ePet

Posted on 2008.08.05 at 10:58
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What creature would your ideal electronic pet resemble? Would it resemble any? What would it look like?

This is the type of question which upon seeing I instantly hit the view answers button thinking that it's so random that everyone will be having roughly the same confused and perplexed reaction as I am. However I go onto the answers page and everyone else on there appears to think that electronic pets are a perfectly normal thing which leaves me a bit confused. I know I have slept in a bit but I didn't think I'd slept in long enough to miss the advent of the electronic pet. Is that what people have now instead of real pets? Have all real pets died of some mysterious virus? Have all the electronics companies created electronic versions of man's faithful friends in a desperate bid to earn lots of money and provide people with the company they are missing from their unfortunately cadaverous companions?

Probably not I would imagine. Anyway I'd like a fox. I'd put a little fedora on him and call him Tonic.

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