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Tatu 52

Writer's Block: Where Names Come From

Posted on 2008.08.02 at 18:37
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Is there a story behind your real name or avatar? How did you end up being called that?

My Real Name (for a given value of Real):
Sebastian I actually took from a character I never even encountered on the game Arcanum. I belive that they were actually called Sebastion but who knows. I never found that character but I liked the name and it stuck. Raziel is obviously from Legacy of Kain (I prefer Kain but Sebastian-Kain doesn't sound as good as Sebastian-Raziel). Payge is based off an acroynm pay as you go. The e was added for larks I suspect. I'm not sure where this information comes from but I have information that suggests that names concerning money with the letter g in them are very lucky.

My "Avatar":
I think you probably mean username, I associate the word avatar with user pictures or with flying a plane but usually with user pictures. My avatars are all fairly self-explanatory. I like lesbians. Especially Russian faux-lesbians called Elena and Yulia. My username (Cube 166) is because I liked Cube in the game Jet Set Radio Future) and I just picked the number 166 at random. Although bizarrely I later found out that the first time I used the username Cube 166 was on the 166th day of the year. This is just one of those crazy random happenstances that plague our everyday lives and which are better known as coincidences. Incidentally I don't believe in coincidences.

See! I can answer a question!

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