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Tatu - Julia 1

Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

Posted on 2008.07.30 at 10:35
Current Mood:: melancholymorbid
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What do you want written on your gravestone and why?

I was going to go down a list of various references that I could make. Like for example "I Aten't Dead" and I suppose technically that was the only clever reference I actually had but I was going to suggest that definately. Then I just had the best idea and I will actually put this on my tombstone. It's just so perfect. "Seeya Soon." Creepy or what? I figure that's probably the point of tombstones to freak people out. Course it wouldn't make my grave particuarly popular but I can't imagine it's like a 24 hour rave in a graveyard. Although it could be. It is a gRAVEyard after all. Actually it probably is like a 24 hour rave, just after all the mourners have gone and as cool as that undoubtedly sounds I'm all for getting buried somewhere quieter. Even the dead need their rest you know.

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