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Kroenen 2

Working 9 To 5, What A Way To Write A Review...

Posted on 2008.07.28 at 19:13
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So it's Monday which is now the new official day for Random Reviews and I'm so dedicated to doing these features and doing them in the proper time slots that I've taken time off from a marathon viewing of Pushing Daisies (okay 9 episodes probably doesn't constitute as a marathon but whatever) to do them.

So since I'm being distracted from Pushing Daisies I'm getting straight to the point. The Random Review is about Clutters (the mathematical kind that is).

This is the bit where I sum up what the thing I'm reviewing actually is. That might be a little tricky today but what the hell. Here goes. In maths, a clutter is a hypergraph (?) with the added property that A (weird squiggle) B whenever A, B (another weird squiggle) E and A does not equal B. I get the feeling that most of this review is going to be taken up with trying to figure out the meaning of that statement. Okay so a hypergraph. Well imagine if you had a graph and it was really good, like you'd plotted all the points, labelled the axis, maybe even drawn different distributions in different, easily distinguishable, colours or something. Anyway a supergraph would be one better than that. Then a megagraph is one better than that, then a hypergraph. So a clutter is a very awesome graph with some weird things happening to the letters A and B, and to a lesser extent the letter E. (By the way if you were to continue making a hypergraph even better you'd get an ubergraph.)

Okay so having now established a vague idea of what a clutter is I must point out that a clutter is actually another term for a mess. The kind that you might find if you were to search my room. Now this tells us one of two things. That my room is actually a really awesome graph with A and B and E all doing their thing somewhere under my bed or something, or that a Clutter isn't such an awesome graph after all and it looks a little lived in and there's probably some porn somewhere. I'm going with the second option and furthermore I think I have located those troublesome letters. I think that if the Clutter is my room then the letter A must be me obviously. B is probably my computer and E is probably a tab of ecstasy (insert standard don't do drugs message here (oh wait don't actually. I've just remembered that I think drugs are fine as long as you aren't hurting anyone and should be legalised and provided by the government to prevent people from getting so addicted and penniless that they go around stealing (I don't see the point of arresting someone for something of which the only victim is themselves (might as well make suicide illegal or something ridiculous like that)))). Erm anyway what was I talking about before I got sidetracked into politics?

I think I might have to start manipulating the reviewed item in the random review a bit. It's fine when I get a ridiculous place to review or a games company or the film Cool Hand Luke but when I get a mathematics thing that I don't even understand it leads to complications and outrageous political standpoints. For instance I've just said that I'm A and my computer is B. I have no idea what that means. For all I know those indescripherable squiggles were claiming that i have sex with my computer. And if they were I'll bloody find those squiggles and smack them with a chain.

Anyway wandered off there for a moment. So here are the final scores. Clutters first and they've scored a particuarly disappointingly loathesome E. My room gets the A for being so awesome. And the B goes to drugs. Because there's no logical reason why drugs are illegal. You might as well use the same logic to make smoking and eating chocolate illegal.

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