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Heroes - HRG

Writer's Block: Carrying the Cultural Torch

Posted on 2008.07.26 at 10:33
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What traditions do you carry on during your day, consciously or otherwise?

If I carry on a tradition unconsciously all day then I'm rather afraid that I don't know what it is because I'm not conscious of it. I suppose because I'm not conscious of it I could be doing all kind of things. Like for example I could be unconsciously shouting profanities at people, or unconsciously eating truffles, or maybe even unconsciously redecorating people's houses for them. I may never know about half the things I'm doing! In fact nobody may ever know because people who see me doing things might only see me unconsciously. Or maybe not. Who knows? Not me, and by extension nobody else. The truth is out there somewhere floating just around the back of our minds if only we could reach out and grab it we'd finally understand what is going on on this planet!

What was the question again?

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