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Portal - Cake 2

What's Better: Cake or Coke

Posted on 2008.07.23 at 21:26
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Okay here comes another feature that hasn't been seen in a while. It's the return of What's Better. What's Better is a simple idea that just lets me gibber on under the pretense of comparing two similar sounding items. This is once again birthday themed but because I couldn't find anything that sounded similar to birthday without making up things like Birth Ray or Berth Bay or Perth Hay (a Birth Ray would be like a Death Ray except instead of killing people it makes them give birth. Berth Bay would be a port town at which plenty of Berths (beds) are available and Perth Hay would be hay from Perth). So in order that it can still be birthday themed today's What's Better is between cake and coke. Specifically birthday cake and coca cola.

Okay so cake. Birthdays aren't birthdays without a good old peice of cake however I'm afraid that the cake for todays birthday never occured. This cake is what we in the business of referencing Portal like to call a lie. Coke on the other hand is not something that I am particuarly fond of even if it isn't a lie. I much prefer a glass of Doctor Pepper (Doctor Pepper is nice once you've got used to it. Until that point it tastes like I imagine petrol would if you were to drink it). It's fairly obvious which of these two things is going to win and because I'm tired and hot and want to go and watch Alias I'm going to get on with it. The winner is of course Cake.

Thus ends another edition of What's Better and thus also ends another birthday. I'd like to thank you for bearing with me in this birthday spectacular. I've finally reached my goal of seven posts in one day and I think I shall now just collapse into unconciousness and await my next birthday when I shall inevitably have to try and top myself and post eight times in one day. God I wish I wasn't so competitive. It's one thing to be competitive against other people but against yourself from the past is quite another. Anyway I was going to go away now. Bye! Seeya all next birthday.

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