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Tatu 8

ChChChanges! Birthday Edition!

Posted on 2008.07.23 at 20:10
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Okay here's another birthday edition of a regular feature. Or in this case an irregular feature. It's not often that I do ChChChChanges, although I have been keen to do more of them for about a year now. It's just waiting for dates that are good at exhibiting a change between now and a year ago.
In short: I look back on what happened this time last year and compare what has changed.

So what was life like in 2007? Well in 2007 I had more birthdays than I had this year and I recieved more Playstation 3s than I did this year. What has changed. Well this year I have found I'm less likely, if a game is available on both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, to buy a game for the PS3 simply because I'm addicted to achievements. Further changes include the addition of trophies to the Playstation 3 which are essentially achievements for the Playstation 3. Trust me this will cause my head to implode. Also last year I hadn't seen Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog. You know what there's lots of things that have changed since last year. I think this feature isn't a very good one all things considered. I'm ending it now while this feature still has some dignity (if it ever had dignity it was probably derived from the David Bowie referencing name of the feature rather than any of the content (if such content can indeed be said to be content)).

Coming soon: a feature that doesn't suck!

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