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Heroes - Matt and Molly

Writer's Block: Time Capsule

Posted on 2008.07.22 at 10:09
Current Mood:: cynicalcynical
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You are allowed to place three items from your lifetime into a box that will be opened in fifty years. What do you put in, and why?

Who cares? I'm unlikely to be going around digging up time capsules in fifty years time. It's not like I go around digging up many time capsules now. Time capsules are a waste of both time and capsules. There has to be something more productive you can be doing with those capsules. For example what about storing various legnths of string in them. Although that doesn't work so much if you bury them in the garden. Imagine the hastle every time you wanted a legnth of string. It'd be absurd. Plus imagine when that string capsule finally got dug up fifty years from now. They'd think that people in the past used to be made of string and bury themselves in capsules in the ground. It would be madness.

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