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Cube - Classic

My Name Is Cube - Number 8

Posted on 2008.07.18 at 15:33
Current Mood:: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music:: Wannabe/2 Become 1/Mama/Who Do You Think You Are/Spice Up Your Life/Stop/Viva Forever - Spice Girls
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Okay so after thinking about Number 8 (Denied that I ever liked the Spice Girls (yes most of my list items are this feeble)) I decided the best, and importantly the most entertaining, way to make up for this was to relisten to some of their music and comment on it on here. Much like I did with Amy Winehouse et all at the start of Hate Free Lent. This open acceptance of the period of my life when I liked the Spice Girls will make up for my denial of it and I can cross number 8 off my list.

Okay so if you want to play along at home then the tracks I'm going to listen to are: Wannabe, 2 Become 1, Mama, Who Do You Think You Are, Spice Up Your Life, Stop and Viva Forever.

Okay so here goes I guess. Okay so this was the first single and they're jumping around quite a bit. Bear in mind that when I liked them I was fairly young at the time which I think was the idea. The song hasn't even started yet. Okay it's just started. It hasn't aged has it? Anyway that last comment I made I don't really need to make. That's the whole point. I'm accepting that I used to like it. Making excuses isn't really in the spirit of acceptance. Okay so dancing on the stairs has just occurred. It's weird looking back on this video but it appears that not a single one of them has any spacial awareness. They seem to stumble around as though they've never experienced being in a building before. Anyway I was so gripped with the idea of lack of spatial awareness that I let most of the video go without comment. Looking back on it I have the feeling that even at the time it must have felt cheesy and cliched but apparently not. Either that or everyone who liked them was very young at the time. Okay moving onto the second video now. Lets see if their spatial awareness has improved.

So it's starting. A more promising start than the previous one. They're singing on a dock or something. This video actually looks rather good. This was one of my favourite songs back then. It's a hell of a lot slower than the last video but that's a good thing. They also appear to have learned how to walk although I'm not sure about spatial awareness as there is nothing around them to be aware of. I bet that this entire feature is going to end up revolving around the improvement or deterioration of their spatial awareness now. This is still a good song now and I wouldn't actually mind listening to this. I think it's coming to an end now. They appear to be in picture frames or something. And there's a ghost dog. All videos should end with a ghost dog in my opinion. Ghost dogs make videos 900% better. Anyway it's Mama now. Expect comments about both spatial awareness and ghost dogs.

I expect that I won't mind this song either. Simply because it's another one of the slower songs. However perhaps the lyrics will put me off. Or maybe all the baby photographs. I don't like children you know. Parading a bunch of photographs about children in front of me is one of the best ways to get me to dislike you. If this was also an upbeat song I'd hate it. However what I can do is use these children photographs to see if they had good spatial awareness before they formed a band. So far they seem to be alright. I'm guessing it was probably a form of intensive band training they were put through when the band was first formed that caused them to temporarily forget how to walk. It's kind of like in this program I watched once. I think it was called the Strangerers or something. There was aliens in there who didn't know how to walk. In the first single there was something of a similiarity. In the first Spice Girls single that is. I don't think The Strangerers ever realised a single. Anyway this one is coming to an end and there is an audience cheering as audiences are liable to do when you stick a big applause sign in front of them. Next up Who Do You Think You Are.

This video looks like it might be one of the ones that haven't aged quite so well. God I can't remember thsi song at all. Well I think I recognise it now. The verse was practically unrecognisable though. In this video there are lots of people in what looks like a patchwork padded room, like if some clowns ran a mental institution that's what it would look like. Can you imagine if clowns ran a mental institution. How would you be able to tell who was insane or what? Perhaps the clowns would lock up people who were sane. It would be like the exact opposite of a mental instition. By the way if you have a phobia of clowns and that comment hasn't helped then I sincerely apologise. I honestly didn't think that I would be making comments like that. I still rather like this song but the video could stand with a little improvement. It's coming to an end now anyway. Next up was one I didn't really like at the time, Spice Up Your Life.

As I said I didn't like this at the time so I'm guessing I'm probably going to either despise it now as it's been demonised throughout my memory, or upon hearing it now that I'm grown up find I actually appreciate it more (unlikely I know but who knows?). It appears to be set in the future. I'm guessing that this is some kind of despotic regime that the Spice Girls have set up to rule over the planet. I'm not entirely sure why people would elect them to be rulers of the planet but then again I would elect Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister so I guess people will do weird things sometimes. I didn't like this song back then and I'm not terribly fond of it now. It's just gone even weirder. God that was weird. Anyway it's coming to a close and my opinion isn't really changed. I just now think that I dislike the strange little bit at the end more than the rest of the song. Nearly coming to the end now. It's the penultimate song: Stop. Coming up next.

I remember liking this one so that's a good sign. An even better sign is that it doesn't appear to be set in some kind of dystopic future. It actually takes place on the street on which they all live (obviously). It's just an impromptu performance (like you do). You're just waking up so you go and wake up all your bandmates and sing in the middle of the street. I know I couldn't wake up properly in the morning if I didn't do that. I guess I might be reading too much into this video. Most music videoes wouldn't make much sense if viewed objectively. Hey at least they all seem to have a good spatial awareness. Of course it would be nice if there was a ghost dog occuring somewhere in the video but you can't have everything can you? This song I reckon is still reasonable. Anyway the video is ending now. Time for the final song and then I'll have made amends for this list item. This would make a terrible episode of My Name Is Earl wouldn't it? Then again it would be no worse than that episode where it's just Earl and his friends making up stories. At least a list item is actually getting done.

I think based on empirical evidence gathered so far I might still like this one as well. Slow ones I tend to still like whereas upbeat ones not so much. Okay this video is weird. A robotic chicken has just hatched from a giant tablet in the middle of a forest. I don't think I've ever seen this video before. Okay they are all fairies. I've definately never seen this video before. This video is looking extremely dated. I feel a bit worried for the woman in this song. I think they're probably going to capture her in a cage. And obviously the cgae will take the form of a giant rubik's cube. I knew these spice girls were trouble. If I were this bloke I'd be getting out of there now. Yep why don't people take my advice. Instead they end up glowing blue and throwing giant tablets into a giant tablet machine or something. I have no idea what happened in that video but now I'm a little afraid of Rubik's cubes and of course giant tablets but I don't see giant tablets on a regular schedule so I should be okay. Then again I don't see Rubik's Cubes on a regular schedule. In fact it's very rare I see any kind of thing on any kind of schedule. I don't tend to schedule my looking at things. That's probably the first sign of madness. Anyway that's the videos watched.

So there we go. I've publicly accepted that part of my life and in doing so I've crossed Number 8 off my list. Not a bad days work considering that My Name Is Cube wasn't supposed to start until Monday.

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