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Bad Science

Posted on 2008.07.17 at 19:18
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Okay so you know how there's like Mad Science which is what Mad Scientists do? Well here's a brand new feature straight from my old brainbox and it's called Bad Science. I guess that makes me a Bad Scientist but if the hat fits wear it and the Bad Scientist hat sports an elasticated brim. It doesn't of course because I don't one hundred percent know what that means. Anyway here we are in my Bad Laboratory ready to do some Bad Science but what, might you ask, is Bad Science. Good question. Bad Science is normal science but with me trying to explain it. You know kind of like my random review feature but with more puns and science.

So this week I'm here to explain Lanthanide Triflates. Okay so having quickly perused the wikipedia article (obviously the best place to find out about things which are bad) I've come to the conclusion that Lanthanide triflates are science salts. Which means they're too dangerous to put on your chips unless you're eating science chips. In which case stick on the lanthanide triflates and a bit of Lewis acid catalysts (which I think is probably a bit like science vinegar).
If you want to sample some of this delicious science salt here's an experiment you can carry out. You need a lanthanide metal ion and three triflate metal ions. The triflate metal ions are the easiest to get hold of but also very dangerous. Put on full body radiation armour and get a pair of tweezers and pick some ions off of a trifle and there you go. Instant triflate metal ions. The lanthanide metal ions are trickier but my local supermarket is doing a buy one get one free on them so search around. They will be somewhere. Probably in the last place you look for them, or down the back of the sofa. Put them together and give them to a man called Lewis and hey presto. Instant Lanthanide Triflates.

So there you are. An important lesson in science completely fails to occur whenever I'm put in charge. Caution: Don' t try eating things which have more than three syllables in the name and always wear full body armour when in the prescence of trifles.

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