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Heroes - Peter Petrelli

Songs That Have The Same Name Volume 3

Posted on 2008.07.16 at 23:26
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Current Music:: Bones - The Killers/Editors
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So here we are again. I'm reviving yet another feature on a ridiculous whim. This feature as the title suggests is about songs that have the same name and which one is better out of the two. So without further delay lets get on with the whole comparing of the songs. This week the song is Bones by The Killers and Editors.

So it's the Killers to start. They want me to come with them but I can't I'm too busy listening to the song Bones by the Killers. The song has a sort of plinkly sound to it which is a good sound if you like plinkly sounds I think. There's also some horns. Not like animal horns but like trumpets or something. At least I hope there is. If there are no trumpets in there I'm going to look like a right idiot. I bet it's just like a rhinoscerous or something. What noise does a Rhinoscerous make? Wouldn't it be great if you were walking through the jungle and suddenly you hear this music in the distance and you follow it and it's the noise a rhinoscerous makes? Well actually no because it would probably attack you or something. Also I can't spell rhinoserous. It's gone into the bridge now I think. I don't actually know what a bridge is but it sounds like this. The idea of bones is about how the singer is asking the listener to have sex with him (essentially). I think this song rather assumes that you're a woman. Or perhaps he's just talking about a woman. Perhaps the song isn't directed at me at all. And it's finished now. Onto Editors.

It starts off with some kind of musical instrument which I can't identify. Essentially it could be anything but it's making good noises what I like and so I'm glad. Then comes the singing. The thing I really like about this song is the recurring theme of retreating that takes place throughout the song. I'm not sure how this song connects to the idea of Bones but it's a good song despite the fact that he doesn't seem to be saying anything about bones. This song should really be called Retreat or something. That way both songs would be equally valid and I wouldn't have to pit them against one another. Oh hang on he just said bones. It's about how bones surround an aching heart full of love. I think this might be saying that the subject of the song (probably not me I now realise) has a protective barrier that prevents them from getting too close to anyone. Not literally because that would be weird and inconvenient if you wanted to have sex. Anyway that appears to be the theme of the song and it's almost over. Time to crown a winner.

Personally I think that the clear winner has to be The Killers. Bones by Editors is a good song but the subject of Bones appears to be an afterthought when the singer realised there was a lot of time left on the song and he hadn't sung anything about bones yet. He could have just as easily sung about Star Trek in that piece of time. So there you have it. If you want to buy a song about Bones then by The Killers because they sing about not only bones but also skin and rhinoceroses.

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