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Dead Like Me - Mason

Writer's Block: Becoming a TV Character

Posted on 2008.07.16 at 10:28
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If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?

This question sounds easier than it is. It's too early in the morning for conundrums like this. Although thanks to a quick glance through my userpics I've had an epiphany that I would like to be Mason out of Dead Like Me. Not only am I practically him already but he's practically immortal and can recover from any injury. Plus he's awesome.

The reason this question is harder than it sounds is because although there are many great characters that I'd love to know (Janitor from Scrubs, House, Jayne from Firefly, Casey from Chuck, Hiro from Heroes, Locke from Lost, etcetera) they are all great because they are who they are and if I was them I wouldn't be half as good. Plus I wouldn't want to be House because of the constant pain thing.

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