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No Face

Livejournal Layouts Attempt Suicide (via making me want to kill them)

Posted on 2008.07.15 at 20:27
Current Mood:: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music:: Panic! At The Disco - That Green Gentleman
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Livejournal layouts are so awkard. All I wanted to do was to show the following picture as my header and I couldn't find a way of doing it that didn't make my header look ridiculously big and clunky with the title and subtitle in there and for some reason livejournal doesn't want me hiding my title despite the fact that I can't see any use for inserting a picture into the header if not to replace the title. Stupid livejournal. By the way you can tell when I'm angry because I tend to write in long run on sentences and overexplain myself. Picture for those who might venture to care is behind the cut (because even though I'm angry it doesn't mean I want to mess up your screen size with a wide picture, it's not your fault that livejournal is so awkward).

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