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Tatu 50

Writer's Block: You, the Movie

Posted on 2008.07.15 at 16:42
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If your life was made into a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be? Who would you choose to play yourself? Who would play the important people in your life?

Wow! A writer's block question I actually like. I think personally that Noel Fielding would be a good candidate to play me in a film of my life however we wouldn't be able to get him because that film would not make a good film. There's no massive dramas, no massive love story, no car chases or explosions or magic or vampires or anything.
If there was going to be a film of my life I'd have to spice it up somewhat. I'd probably start it off accurate enough and then half way through make it about some kind of government conspiracy and then the government sends vampire assassins to kill me and my best friend, who would be played by Adam Baldwin. Then we'd fight back using mystical powers granted to us from the Gods themselves and destroy the evil dystopian government while riding awesome hoverbikes from the future. Then we'd have a showdown with the evil president who would be played by Neil Flynn. We'd defeat him and then I make out with Yulia Vulkova and we're crowned champions of the world. The End.

Best. Film. Ever.

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