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Tatu - Julia 3

Writer's Block: You, the Object

Posted on 2008.07.12 at 11:03
Current Music:: Coldplay - Yes
Put your body in that of an inanimate object. Choose one that already exists or make one up, and then describe yourself.

If I had the ability to put my body in that of an inanimate object it would make it kind of hard to come on here and describe myself. Plus also I can put my body in that of an inanimate object. If I get in a car there I'm now in a car my body is in an inanimate object. This question is poorly worded and makes me feel sad inside. For the sake of trying to join in and be popular here's me placing my conciousness into an inanimate object.

I am palm sized and facilitate control. With me you needn't get too close to the screen. I have many buttons although even I am not sure what they all do. I am powered by two double A batteries and held together with tape. I am a remote control. My remote control to be specific. Other remote controls exist although they might not be held together with tape. There you go wasn't that an interesting and exciting exercise. It almost felt as though it wasn't totally pointless.

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