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Tatu - Julia 2

Writer's Block: Your Dream Dinner

Posted on 2008.07.11 at 10:40
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If you could have dinner with anyone at all, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you go with? Out of anywhere in the world, where would you eat?

Dead or alive? Famous or not? How about fictional or real? If fictional people are excluded from the question it's a very simple one. I'd either want to have dinner with Ross Noble, because he's awesome and hilarious, or Yulia Vulkova out of tatu, because she's awesome and beautiful and I could probably trick her into marrying me. Hang on I think I've answered this question before. Yep here we are. I know it's not technically the same question but it's close enough. What would you say to any celebrity to what celebrity would you eat dinner with is essentially the same question if you live in Near Enough World. How awesome would that be if there was a dimension where things that were close enough were in fact that thing. It would play havoc with the maths in that dimension. 9 would be close enough to 10 that it would actually be 10. It would be mathmatical chaos. Which all things considered is one of the safest kinds of chaos right behind linguistic chaos and archeological chaos.

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