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Death Note - Kira

Writer's Block: In the Shoes of an Extravagant Restaurant Owner

Posted on 2008.07.10 at 11:13
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If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.

Unlimited budget? In that case I buy the Isle of Man and all the land thereon. I tear down all the houses and replace it with Restaurant Island. It would be like a city but most of the buildings would be various different styles of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There would also be a large number of hotels and a busy airport hub. It would be the ultimate dining experience with top chefs at every single restaurant and restaurant for everyone's taste. Regular flights from the Restaurant Flight Hub would transport people to and from the Restaurant Island.

Yep I realise that's possibly the most ambitious restaurant anyone has ever made but if you have an unlimited budget you should make the most of it.

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