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Kroenen 3

ChChChanges - 9th July

Posted on 2008.07.09 at 00:33
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Okay here's an idea for a new feature. This feature is either a) self indulgent but brilliant, b) rubbish, c) not very well defined, d) all of the above but not brilliant. You decide. Please text your answers to 08910 SCAMLINE. That number again is 08910 72265463. Please be aware that all costs cost £100 pounds per minute and will last at least half an hour. Please also note that this isn't a real phone number and if you try and call it then we are not responsible for any trauma or unpleasant circumstances that arise from that action. All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed, all lefts resevered.

Ahem anyway now that I've said all that gibberish I suppose I have to do this feature and you know what after all that SCAMLINE build up this is going to be pretty lame. So disappoint yourselves now so that when it eventually comes along it might not be too much of a disappointment. Here's some disappointments to help you prepare: You are fatter than you think. You are never going to be famous. Chips without the c is hips. Ships without the s is hips. Whips without the w is hips. Trips without the t is rips. Actually I think I got the last one wrong. Anyway further disappointments include the sequel to Prince of Persia the Sands of Time and the fact that Father Christmas doesn't exist.

Okay you're now sufficiently disappointed to find out about my new feature. Here we go. I look at something that happened in my past and see how I've changed. Sounds lame but could it be brilliant? Probably not, but why not wait till we've had a go before comdemning it to the bin of despair.

Okay so 9th of July. So things that I was saying this time last year: "For the record I don't think that Catherine Tate should be killed. Just mortally wounded."
And now I think that Catherine Tate should not only not be killed or mortally wounded but be given an OBE because she's so good at being in Doctor Who. Last year I was distraught over it thinking she would ruin Doctor Who but it turns out that she's been the best one yet. See how my opinion has changed. For that is the purpose of the feature. Excitement beckons and now I'm off to bed, or to watch House if this is the morningtime. I can't be sure because I'm writing this last night which I'm probably doing because I'm either a) lazy, b) incompetant, c) making a rubbish back-reference to the start of this entry or d) wired. Call SCAMLINE with your answer now and you could win an all-expense paid holiday of a lifetime to your back garden (and if you don't have a back garden it was just a metaphor for your ass (and if you don't have an ass you are clearly some kind of alien and should stop reading this right now)).

Anyway that's whatever my opinion is on whatever we were just talking about, complete with brackets and backreferences and everything. If you don't like it you can lump it and if you don't lump it you can do another verb that has four letters and begins with L to it. Is this verb a) love, b) lick, c) stop this entry now I'm going mad or d) all of the above? Please text your answers to SCAMLINE now!

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