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Psychonauts - Ford!Raz

Love and Nihilism - Chapter 9 - Void

Posted on 2008.07.06 at 22:31
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Fandom: Psychonauts
Title: Love and Nihilism
Chapter: 9/9
Word Count: 1822
Synopsis: Showdown with Quentin Void

For more information, previous or later chapters see the preface.

Love and Nihilism
Chapter 9: Void

The psi blast went through the mania and out the other side uselessly. One shot and he’d blown it. The flies started towards him. The screaming was already getting louder. There wasn’t enough time for the smelling salts. The flies were practically upon him. He was still looking at the mania; the core was all that was left over there now that the flies had gone. He fired another shot, and then refocused on the flies that were just in front of him. He quickly backed away for all the good it would do him. Just as they went to pounce on him they dissipated like dust. Raz finally dared to breathe out again. He pulled the smelling salts from his pocket and cracked them open.

Quentin was laughing as Raz came to. He couldn’t have been out long; he’d moved as fast as he could. Milla was kneeling down next to him supporting his head while everyone else was pretty much where they’d been before.
“So ‘Raz’?” said Quentin. “You think I want to destroy the world because I’m insane? You think you can help me? You believe that you can cure me? I’m not insane. I know that rant was edging a little close to it, but I’m not insane. I can see the world the way it is. Life is pointless. Everyone’s little pointless existences are pointless. I can see it clearly. The world will be better off without us.”
“I can’t let you do this Quentin.” said Travis. A bolt of purple lashed out from Quentin and hit Travis in the chest. He collapsed. Raz stood up and ran towards Quentin. Raz grabbed him, there was a crack of lightning and then they vanished.
“What’s going on now?” asked Oleander. “People keep doing things. Would people stop doing things!” Sasha knelt down next to Travis and looked at him. The bolt had gone right through him leaving a gaping hole.
“It’s okay Travis.” said Sasha. “We’ll get you to the hospital. You’ll be okay.”
“No I won’t.” said Travis. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
“Travis.” said Sasha.
“Tell Yol I love her.” said Travis. “But you know, deprogram her first, then tell her.” And then he was gone.

It was dawn. The sun was shining over the camp, the twilight finally gone. All the furies had vanished, but the carnage they had caused remained. The car park was a wreck and Oleander’s truck had, unluckily for him, crashed down onto his treehouse near the kid’s cabins. Alyxandyr and her backup teams were arriving at the front gates. But it wasn’t over yet.
Inside one of the Geodesic Psychoisolation Domes Raz was lying on the floor. Lying opposite him was Quentin. Raz mentally cursed psyports. He felt like he never wanted to move again, but he forced himself to stand up. There was very little room inside the dome, even less with both of them. Quentin forced himself up a couple of seconds afterwards.
“You might be as good as they say.” said Quentin wearily. He sounded as though he was forcing the words out, which Raz knew from experience that he was. “If I was a take over the world kind of guy I’d offer you a place as my second in command.” Quentin paused. “But as I’m a destroy the world kind of guy I think I’ll just kill you and get on with it.” Quentin dragged one hand to his forehead and another out in front of him. He attempted to force out a psi blast. Nothing happened.
“Psychoisolation Dome.” Raz said, with great willpower. “That doesn’t work in here.” Raz struggled towards Quentin. “I wanted to help you.” he said. “But your problems run too deep. You can’t be helped.” Raz stretched out his hands in front of him and grabbed Quentin by the neck. They collapsed on top of one another. Raz put all his effort into strangling Quentin. Quentin attempted to push Raz off him but he couldn’t. “You have to be stopped.” said Raz. “I’m sorry.” Quentin was silent as he passed away. Raz rolled off of Quentin and passed out exhausted.

Raz woke up in his bunk from when he’d been staying at the camp. He still felt a little rough, probably from exerting himself while still drained from the psyport. He looked around the room to see that Sasha was sat on the edge of the opposite bunk.
“Good morning Razputin.” said Sasha. “You’ve been unconscious for almost a full day now. We were starting to get a little worried.”
“I killed him.” said Raz.
“You did what you had to.” said Sasha. “I would have done the same had I been in your place.”
“But I killed him.” said Raz.
“Only as a last resort.” said Sasha. “I know it will be hard to accept but before you killed him you tried to save him. You’re a hero Razputin.”
“What about Travis?” asked Raz.
“He didn’t make it.” said Sasha. “We couldn’t have done it without you Razputin. I’m sure you remember how I was holding back from fully involving you in missions.” Sasha paused. “Well I won’t do so any more. You’ve once again proved yourself more than able to handle whatever is thrown at you. Just look after yourself.”
“Thanks Sasha.” said Raz climbing out of the bunk. They walked out of the cabin. The first thing Raz noticed was the pile of rubble that had been Oleander’s treehouse and his ruined truck. Then he noticed Truman Zanotto was stood talking to Oleander.
Truman was as Raz remembered him. He was tall and thin, with short brown hair, a wide face and large brown eyes. He looked very distinguished in his uniform.
“Look at this place!” Oleander demanded. “The car park has a pair of logs lodged into the ground and massive cracks going through the tarmac. How am I supposed to teach anything with my house like that? We need extensive repairs on the entire facility.
“I can see.” said Truman. “You’ll have your repairs fund, just don’t go using it to build an army of psychic death tanks… or a swimming pool… or anything else unauthorised.”
“Of course not.” said Oleander weakly and turned to walk away. Truman turned to Raz.
“Greetings Agent Aquato.” he said.
“Hello sir.” said Raz, with a salute.
“I think in light of recent events we can dispense with the formality for now.” said Truman “I would personally like to thank you for the continued existence of the human race.”
“Thanks.” said Raz uncertainly. “It was an honour.”
“Although I am to believe that you are responsible for a number of angry phone calls from Agent Volkov last night?”
“Agent Volkov sir?” asked Raz attempting to figure out what precisely Truman was alluding to.
“Alyxandyr.” said Truman. “I believe you said to her that if she had a problem with you coming and taking command of the situation she should call and tell me?”
“Are you certain sir?” asked Raz. “I honestly can’t remember saying that.”
“Well that’s Alyx for you.” said Truman. “Don’t worry. I stuck up for you. It was somewhat of an effort. You must really have annoyed her. And what did I say about formality? Come on Raz, let your hair down.”
“Okay… Truman.” said Raz nervously.
“That’s more like it.” said Truman. “To prevent anything like this from ever happening again we’re installing more security to Whispering Rock. I only hope that if anything goes this wrong again you will be there to sort things out.” Truman paused. “Oh and Lili says hi. She wanted to come down with me, but she is in school at the moment and if you pay for it she might as well get some use out of it.”
“Tell her I said hi as well.” said Raz.
“You kids and your ways.” Truman said dismissively.
“Sir, I mean Truman?” said Raz, “Sasha’s been sending me operations manuals full of rules and regulations about things you can and can’t do. It seems that practically everything you can do in someone’s mind is against the rules.”
“Procedure manuals are all well and good in the normal course of things.” said Truman. “But desperate times call for desperate measures. If you go into things with good intentions then the rules and sort things out to the best of your ability then the rules be hung.”
“Thank you Truman.”
“I’m bored of the informality now.” said Truman. “Sir for next time remember. But anyway I have to go. People to be, places to see, that kind of thing. I’ll probably be seeing you around.” Truman walked off, leaving Raz feeling vaguely bemused by the experience. Milla, Ford with some psitanium tied around his waist and Oleander were walking up to him.
“Well done soldier.” Oleander said. “You did it. I knew one day I’d shape you into a finely honed psychic killing machine.”
“Yeah.” said Raz sarcastically. “I’m sure it was entirely down to your efforts.”
“You’ve done it Raz.” said Ford. “You’ve saved us all again. I’ve not seen such bravery since I was last in action.”
“You’re destined for great things darling.” said Milla.
“Could be.” said Raz. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”

A couple of weeks later Yolanda Vert was stood somewhere she’d never imagined she’d be able to go before. She was in someone else’s mind. She was informed after the incident that when the control matrix that had been taking control of her had been dismantled the psychic powers had remained. She was also told that Travis had been killed in the line of duty. She’d been grief-stricken. Her mind had been a very dark place to visit at that point. But eventually she’d decided to honour Travis in a way she’d never imagined would be possible to her. She would become a psychonaut and his memory would live on through her.
She’d imagined Sasha had an organised mind, but she hadn’t expected it to be quite as organised as it was. After blowing up a tiffany lamp or two and demonstrating the concept of censors to her he’d left her to be getting on with blasting some censors. Apparently she needed to blast a thousand before she could get her marksmanship badge. She was bored already.
She turned to the dial, thought for a moment and then turned it all the way up to the little skull symbol. Part of the cube opened up and censors started pouring out.
“That’s more like it.” she said, rubbing her hands together. Sasha appeared out of a trapdoor.
“Yol what have you done? This is not control; this is chaos!” he said urgently. “I’ll try to fix it. You stay here and keep the numbers down.” He ran off and leapt through another door. Yolanda grinned. This was going to be fun.

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