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Psychonauts - Ford!Raz

Love and Nihilism - Chapter 8 - Furies

Posted on 2008.07.05 at 17:23
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Fandom: Psychonauts
Title: Love and Nihilism
Chapter: 8/9
Word Count: 2041
Synopsis: Raz, Sasha, Milla, Oleander Ford and Travis race to stop Quentin Void from destroying the world.

For more information, previous or later chapters see the preface.

Love and Nihilism
Chapter 8: Furies

The fury was within a minute whole again. The cracks in it’s blank bone face gone, it’s arm just as bloated and spiny as before. Raz and Travis ran back through the gate out of the car park and pulled the gate shut with their telekinesis, while the fury started running towards them. It crashed into the gate just as they shut it and the fence shook. Raz and Travis started backing away. The fury took a step back then brought down it’s massive bloated arm on the gate shattering it into fragments. There was the noise of an engine running. Raz looked behind him and Coach Oleander’s truck was coming straight for them. Raz dodged out of the way and turned back to see that the truck had ploughed straight into the fury. The truck had come to a stop where the tree trunk had been with a large chunk of fury lodged on the front of it like disgusting and oversized roadkill. It’s arms lay on the ground at the gate. Sasha and Oleander climbed out of the truck.
“Take that you evil hellish demon thing!” shouted Travis, as he and Raz ran back into the car park.
“Why are people always trying to take over the world from my camp?” asked Oleander looking distraughtly at his truck.
“To be fair the only other person trying to rule the world from your camp was you.” said Raz.
“I’m still cured you know. Sane as anything.” said Oleander. “I’m not even bothered about how I’ll never get my car clean again.” Milla’s car pulled into the car park in a somewhat less dramatic manner. She climbed out of the car.
“Hello darling.” she said to Raz. “It’s been such a long time since I saw you, are you okay?”
“We’re in a bit of a hurry Milla.” said Sasha. “I’m sure there will be time for catching up once we’ve dealt with Quentin.”
“Of course.” said Milla.
“Guys.” said Travis. “We may have a problem.” They followed Travis’s gaze back to the fury that was once again growing back it’s lost limbs. The air was shimmering around it as well and more furies seemed to be forming. One of them looked like a wolf but made out of bones and nerves. It had large spikes sticking out of it’s back and all of it’s legs were just sharpened points. It’s face was just a mess of nerves and fangs stuck out at all angles. The other fury was the size of a bear and it’s arms were chainsaws made of bone.
“I hate furies.” said Milla, almost conversationally. “So untidy and disgusting.” The bloated arm fury acted first, swiping at Oleander’s truck and knocking it flying towards the group of them. Raz dodged out of the way, as did Oleander and Milla. But Travis and Sasha strained and caught the truck with their telekinesis.
“You better not be about to do what I think you’re about to do with my truck!” cried Oleander. The wolflike fury howled and started running towards Travis and Sasha. Raz and Milla fired off a couple of psi-blasts at it, knocking off part of one of the spikes coming out of it’s back. It changed direction heading straight for Raz and Milla while Oleander was still moaning at Travis and Sasha about his car. It took a moment but they threw it straight at the large armed fury, crushing it beneath the truck. The wolflike fury pounded towards Raz and Milla. Milla dodged out of the way while Raz used his psychic shield. The fury hit his shield yelped slightly and backed up. Raz unshielded himself and leapt at the fury. The sudden turn of events caught it off guard a bit and it tried to dodge out of his way. He managed to grab one of it’s spiked legs and soothed it. It floundered around for a moment attempting to shake Raz off but then collapsed. Milla went to psi-blast the creature. Travis, Sasha and Oleander appeared to be dealing with the large bearlike fury; it’s chainsaw arms slashing bloody arcs in the air.
“Stop.” said Raz. “These things just seem to regenerate if you kill them.” Oleander’s truck was thrown into the distance as the large armed fury started to regenerate.
“I wish I was evil again.” said Oleander morosely.
“See.” said Raz. “Try and just soothe them.”
“Got it darling.” said Milla. Raz ran over to the others that were attempting to deal with the bearlike fury. He telekinetically grabbed a log from nearby and launched it at the nearest of the fury’s arms, aiming almost straight down. It slammed into the fury’s arms and then deep into the car park tarmac, pinning the fury down. Sasha mentally grabbed another log and pinned down it’s other arm.
“I hope you’re planning to pay for restorations to Whispering Rock.” said Oleander. Raz ran up to the incapacitated fury and soothed it. It thrashed around but was unable to attack and after a couple of seconds it collapsed. Just the massive armed fury remained. It charged towards the group, who dodged away just in time.
“This thing is starting to get on my nerves.” said Travis. He ran over to the exit towards the rest of the camp and produced a laserpsight from his pocket. He fired up at one of the ropes holding the sign up. The rope snapped and the sign looked like it was going to fall for a second but it held.
“Fine.” said Oleander. “Go ahead, destroy the entire camp. I don’t mind.” Raz could see where this was going and so fired a couple of psi-blasts at the fury. It started running towards him. Raz sprinted to the other side of the hanging sign. He tripped and fell to the floor just on the other side. The fury slowed down and loomed over Raz. Travis fired another shot at the ropes holding the sign up. Again it dangled precariously under it’s own weight but didn’t fall.
“Come on.” said Raz, as the fury raised it’s massive arm. Travis fired again just as the fury’s arm was hitting the ground. The sign fell and landed heavily on the fury’s head, cracking it’s smooth bone face open. The fury collapsed forward.
“Razputin!” yelled Sasha, he ran towards the collapsed fury and attempted to lift it’s massive bulk off Raz. “I didn’t want to get you involved.”
“Aren’t you glad you did though?” asked Raz from behind him. Sasha span around to see Ford and Raz together. “Ford teleported me out at the last second.”
“I’m very glad to see you’re still okay Razputin.” said Sasha attempting to compose himself again. Ford walked up to the unconscious fury and soothed it. Soothing was after all a more effective way to keep something unconscious than just a bump on the head.
“We should move before we have to deal with any more of them.” said Raz.
“Oh one second.” said Milla, who walked back and locked her car, which was untouched from the battle. Oleander didn’t say anything but he started to twitch a little. “Sorted.” she said.
“Will Quentin still be in your Lab?” Raz asked Sasha.
“I suspect so.” said Sasha. “He doesn’t need to go anywhere to use the psitanium so I don’t imagine he’d have wandered off.”
“We should head straight there then.” said Raz. “Through the tree trunks.”
“Look at us all Raz.” said Ford. “We could never all fit in my mine cart. Plus I disabled it so Quentin wouldn’t be able to get to my sanctuary.”
“So that means we can’t get to your sanctuary either?” asked Raz.
“Right.” said Ford.
“Just walk it.” said Oleander. “A bit of exercise would do you lot a world of good.”
“Coming from you?” asked Travis.
“That’s enough of that!” said Oleander. “I’m not a well man. I might start being evil again at any minute so you shouldn’t make fun of me.”

They made their way through the main campgrounds. They passed the lodge, on the wall of which was a spiderlike fury sitting in a web made of bones and nerves. They turned invisible to pass it, so as not to attract it’s attention. By this point they’d probably spent more than enough time fighting furies. They made their way into the wilderness and to the GPC. They made their way through the Geodesic Psychoisolation Chamber and down into Sasha’s Lab below. They ran down to the ground floor. Quentin was sat cross-legged on the bed, which until recently he’d been tied to. He looked not like Raz remembered him, but like he had looked when Raz had focused on him really hard and saw what he really looks like. You could lose him in a crowd. He just looked like someone who worked in an office. Surrounding him was some kind of purple vortex. Raz guessed this was something to do with him channelling his power through the psitanium.
“Quentin!” Sasha shouted. “Stop this immediately!”
“You can’t stop me.” said Quentin peacefully. “You’re too late. You’ve been too late for years.”
“You won’t get away with this!” shouted Ford.
“I’m aware of that. It’s not going to matter.” said Quentin. “I have the power to change the world… but I’m not going to change the world. I’m going to end it. It’s meaningless. Everything is meaningless.” He paused. “Life is pain, and I’m going to put the world out of it’s misery. I’m going to set everyone free. You can thank me in the afterlife.”
“There’s no need for this.” said Travis. “We can help you.” Raz collapsed.
“You can’t help me.” said Quentin. “You cure madmen. I’m not mad. I’m about as sane as it gets!”
“Raz!” exclaimed Milla running over and checking on him. “What have you done to him?”
“Me?” asked Quentin. “I haven’t done anything. The mere idea!” Milla felt for a pulse, it was still there.
“He’s not unconscious.” said Travis. “He’s just vacant.”
“Then where is he?” she asked. She looked at Travis. He was looking straight at Quentin.
“Oh please.” Quentin said. “I don’t even have a psycho-portal on.”
“I forgot.” said Sasha. “You haven’t met Razputin have you?”
“Nobody can get into someone else’s head without a psycho-portal.” said Quentin dismissively.
“Yesterday I’d have said nobody can push their way through a labyrinth just by concentrating.” said Sasha.

Raz was on the street. Everywhere he looked there were furies. They were of all different shapes. From those which were tiny and covered in spines and needles to huge hulking blobs made of putrid flesh and bloated organs. They didn’t seem to notice him as he ran down the streets. Every now and again Raz would pass a bonfire on the side of the street. As he passed the fires Raz caught glimpses of burning corpses. Some of the buildings were in flames, some looked like they had already burnt through. All the buildings had been vandalised. The signs pulled down and the windows smashed. It looked like the end of the world.
He knew exactly where he was headed. He knew that he had just one chance at this. One shot to save the world. He pulled out the laserpsight and pressed it over his eye. He looked up to a nearby rooftop and pulled Travis’s psyport from his pocket. He pressed the button, there was a crack of lightning and he was up on the rooftops.
He looked out across the rooftops and saw what he was looking for. He psyported a bit closer; till he could hear the screaming of the mania. One shot. He zoomed in on the mania; a cloud of black flies flying around a small central core. Shoot the core and save the world. Everything was black and vaguely circular. But miss, and the mania knows you’re here. It’ll eat you alive. You won’t be dead but your mind will. You’ll still exist, an empty husk. Raz stared at the mania, all the black was starting to run together. One shot. Life and death. He fired. The whole world hangs in the balance. He missed.

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