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Writer's Block: Just Desserts

Posted on 2008.07.05 at 01:49
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Cake or pie? Heated or cold? À la mode or plain?

Hey the subject involves cake. I know! I'll say the cake is a lie! That won't have been said yet. Anyway I like cake the best. Pies can be deceptive. You might be looking at a pie thinking 'yum that pie looks nice' and then you bite into it and discover it's made out of meat and onion or something horrible like that. Essentially I think this question boils down to whether you like sweet or savoury. Here's an interesting fact when someone says something is unsavoury they mean that it isn't savoury of course. Sweet is the opposite of savoury therefore they're saying that it is sweet. So if people think your behaviour or whatever is unsavoury then they're just encouraging you on. On a related note what does a la mode mean? I know what a is. It's an indefinate article. La is a noise you make when you try to sing but realise you're an idiot. And a mode is like a game mode. Or something. I prefer to eat my cake in single player. More for me you see. If you go on multiplayer everyone's clamouring for a peice of cake and sometimes the only way to make people go away, short of killing them, is to give them a peice. I've lost many friends fighting for cake let me tell you. Although I'm not allowed to tell you by order of my lawyers. With regards to a plain. Well I don't mind. If I was on a plain, like lost out in the wild west or something and someone offered me cake I wouldn't turn it down. Then I'd probably tie my ankle to their horse so that when they ride off I get a free ride. Of course by that point I assume that I'll have gone mad and so that will all make perfect sense. Then again in that situation I'd even eat a treacherous pie, and you know how treacherous they are. I'd also eat cakes on the other spelling of plain. That's right I'm sure you can see where this pun is heading. It's my latest film I'm going to make and release by next Tuesday. It's called Cakes on a Plane and it stars Ross Noble as the man eating a cake on a plane, Adam Baldwin as his psychopathic best friend also eating a cake on a plane, Yulia Volkova as his girlfriend who is also eating a cake on a plane and Neil Flynn as his arch-nemesis who is eating a pie on a plane. Don't tell anyone but the big plot-twist is that they're all on different planes.

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