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Psychonauts - Ford!Raz

Love and Nihilism - Chapter 7 - Twisted

Posted on 2008.07.04 at 16:52
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Fandom: Psychonauts
Title: Love and Nihilism
Chapter: 7/9
Word Count: 1767
Synopsis: They figure out just what is going on.

For more information, previous or later chapters see the preface.

Love and Nihilism
Chapter 7: Twisted

Raz made his way back to Travis and Sasha, after having been dragged away by the massive greed. They had just finished dealing with several greeds.
“Nice one Raz!” said Travis grinning widely.
“Excellent work Razputin.” Sasha agreed. They made their way deeper into the chamber, as it did so it opened up into a larger chamber with a massive golden throne at the far end of the room. On it was sat Vincent Blanc dressed in exquisite golden robes. Vincent appeared to be asleep, or frozen like he had appeared deep in Yolanda’s mind. There was a raised platform, like which they had been on when they arrived, behind him. On this platform was a door through which only white could be seen. They made their way onto the platform and through the door. As Raz stepped through it was like walking into the house from Yolanda’s mind again. The horizon was just blank in every direction and all that was behind him was the outline of a doorway. Stood in front of them were Vincent Blanc and a man that Raz recognised, Quentin Void. They didn’t respond to Raz, Travis and Sasha’s presence and Raz guessed it was like a scene from the past.
“I’ll let myself be captured by the agent Travis Vert.” said Quentin. “You’re to wait till you’re certain he has made his way into my mind before you reprogram his wife. I’ll put up a resistance so that they don’t suspect anything so it may take some time. Understood?”
“Understood.” said Vincent.
“When you’ve reprogrammed his wife, then you’ll receive your reward.” said Quentin. “More cash than you’ll ever be able to spend Vincent. I believe our business is done here. Remember, be patient. Too early and it’s all for nothing.” Quentin and Vincent seemed to stop, frozen.
“He wanted to be caught?” asked Travis bewildered. “What on Earth is going on?” He stared at Sasha as if expecting him to clear everything up for him.
“I don’t know.” said Sasha. “We should get back to Whispering Rock as soon as possible. I don’t like this at all.”

Back in Sasha’s Lab Ford Cruller was making himself a cup of tea. There hadn’t been any change in Quentin Void since they’d left. Ford wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to be guarding him for. People who are soothed very rarely spontaneously wake up and untie themselves. The air around Quentin was beginning to shimmer.

Raz, Travis and Sasha were back in the hospital and were hurrying down the corridors heading towards the jet. Travis had swept straight past Yolanda without even offering her an explanation. Alyxandyr stepped out in front of them.
“What’s going on?” she demanded. “Nobody tells me what’s going on unless they need me!”
“We’re not really sure to be honest.” said Travis words streaming out his mouth seemingly uncontrollably. “We went and got Vincent and we snuck onto his houseboat–”
“Be succinct.” interjected Sasha.
“And we got him back here and went in his mind and he did a deal with Quentin Void to reprogram Yol.” said Travis. “But he was told to wait until I was in Quentin’s mind.”
“Why?” asked Alyxandyr.
“I don’t know.” said Travis irritably.
“Wait a moment.” said Raz. “What’s the protocol when someone is unreachable, in a mind?”
“To get someone they know to go in after them.” said Sasha. “People are easier to distinguish from figments if you know them.”
“This is bad.” said Raz. “He wanted to get into Whispering Rock. He mentioned Travis by name. That’s why; because he wanted to be sent to Whispering Rock when Travis was sent to be retrieved by Sasha.”
“Once again, why?” asked Alyxandyr.
“I’m not sure.” said Raz. “But we should hurry.”
“I’m going to mobilise every agent I can.” said Alyxandyr.

Ford was humming a little tune to himself as he made his cup of tea. In the air near Quentin a creature made of bone and muscle and nerves and hate had formed. It was a winged creature with a pair of razor sharp grasshopper like claws and long pointed legs like stakes. It slinked towards Ford.

The sun was rising and they were flying through the twilight sky at ridiculous speeds. Sasha was flying the jet as fast as he could back to Whispering Rock. As a consequence they were flying a little more erratically than usual.
“You know when I was in Quentin’s mind I saw something that seemed out of place.” said Raz. “I recognised it but I couldn’t place it.” Raz gasped with sudden realisation.
“What?” asked Travis.
“What’s the most abundant natural resource at Whispering Rock? One that’s not available in many other places?” asked Raz. “Psitanium. A massive underground meteorite of psitanium.”
“He’s powerful.” said Travis. “If he channelled his power through that psitanium, he could do anything. He could change the world.”
“That’s what Vincent said.” said Raz. “He said that ‘he’ was going to change the world.”
“This isn’t good.” said Sasha. “This isn’t good at all.” he pulled out his mobile phone from his pocket, wedged it between his head and his shoulder, and called up Alyxandyr.
“We should warn Ford.” said Raz. He attempted to telepathically communicate with Ford to no avail. “Anyone got any bacon?” he asked. Travis shook his head in a confused way while Sasha didn’t react. Raz thought back to Ford amplifying his telepathic power through the psitanium and attempted to do the same. Unfortunately that didn’t work, as presumably you have to be a bit closer to the psitanium itself for that to work. Raz was about to give up when he remembered something. He ran from the bridge of the jet and came back carrying a large lump of psitanium, the one that Ford ties to his back when he’s out on a mission. Raz focused all his effort into trying to communicate with Ford.
“Ford.” he thought.
“Hey Raz.” Ford thought back. “What’s happening out there on your adventure?”
“Quentin is dangerous Ford.” thought Raz. “Watch out.”

“I don’t think so.” thought Ford. “I’ve never seen a soothed man suddenly wake up and untie himself.”
“Ford. Seriously.” thought Raz. Ford turned around just in time to see the fury attempting to sneak up on him and dodge out of the way. It swiped at him with it’s claws. Ford psi-blasted at it, but it dodged out of the way. Ford turned and ran to the inconspicuous treetrunk in the corner of the room and dived in. The fury turned and made its way back to Quentin and used it’s razor sharp claws to untie him. Quentin opened his eyes and stood up. He pulled off the psycho-portal and threw it to one side. Throughout the camp the air started to shimmer.

The jet landed just outside the gates of Whispering Rock. Sasha, Raz and Travis got out. Raz headed straight for the gates.
“Wait Razputin!” said Sasha. “We should wait for backup to get here.”
“No!” said Raz. “If Quentin is as dangerous as you say he is there’s no time to lose. We need to stop him now.”
“If we go in there without proper backup we’re as good as dead.” said Sasha.
“I’m going in, before it’s too late.” said Raz turning and walking toward the gates.
“Me too Sash.” said Travis. “Don’t wait up.”
“Travis!” said Sasha. “This is dangerous! If people go running in without backup then someone’s going to get killed!”
“I know.” said Travis. “That’s why I’m backing him up.”

Raz and Travis pushed open the large wooden gates using their telekinesis. The car park was empty which wasn’t surprising as most of Whispering Rock was empty at this time of year. Raz looked around the car park, looking for a hint of movement or anything unusual. Seeing nothing particularly threatening Raz and Travis walked a little further into the car park. Suddenly there was a loud crash and the massive tree trunk in the centre of the car park exploded into fragments. Stood behind it was a fury. It was roughly humanoid in shape but one arm was just a pointed stake of bone and the other was a large bloated twisted mess of muscles and nerves that was twice the size of the rest of it’s body. Massive spines and needles stuck out of the arm at odd angles. It had no eyes or mouth, with just a blank chunk of bone where it’s face should have been. It dragged itself through the wreckage of the tree trunk towards Raz and Travis. They fired a couple of psi blasts at it. It pounded it’s massive spiny arm on the floor, causing a massive crack in the car park and then started running for where Raz and Travis were standing. They dodged out of the way, but the creature swiped at Raz with it’s bloated arm and knocked him flying. Raz hit the ground and skidded to a halt near the basketball hoop. He climbed up and looked over towards the fury. Travis was psi blasting at it. It didn’t seem to even notice the blasts. Raz looked around and noticed a log immediately behind him. He telekinetically grabbed it and launched it at the fury. It hit it full in it’s smooth bone face, cracking open the bone and sending a shower of blood off behind it. The fury made a noise that was somewhere between a scream a roar and a gargle and turned and ran at Raz. Raz focused and created a ball of levitation energy below him. He leapt up just in time to make it clear over the fury. The fury crashed into the rock that had been behind Raz. There was the sound of a snap and when it turned back it’s stumpish stake arm had broken off. It loomed over Raz and raised it’s bloated arm over it’s head.
“Heads up!” yelled Travis as a log flew toward the fury and ploughed into it’s arm. With a scream of pain the fury’s arm broke off. Raz turned and ran back towards the gate. The fury started limping after him, armless but angry. The air around the fury started to shimmer.
“That’s not a good sign.” said Raz uncertainly. After a second the creature started to screech and moan in pain as it’s arms started to grow back. “Okay.” said Raz, looking away. “That’s worrying.”
“And also gross.” agreed Travis.
“Maybe we should go back and wait for backup?” suggested Raz.

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