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Psychonauts - Ford!Raz

Love and Nihilism - Chapter 6 - The Money Pit

Posted on 2008.07.03 at 13:28
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Fandom: Psychonauts
Title: Love and Nihilism
Chapter: 6/9
Word Count: 2251
Synopsis: Raz, Sasha and Travis investigate the mind of rogue Psychonaut Vincent Blanc.

For more information, previous or later chapters see the preface.

Love and Nihilism
Chapter 6: The Money Pit

The water was rising rapidly and as it rose Raz could see the hand of Galochio emerging from the water. He felt it hook around his foot and he toppled backwards underwater, the breath knocked out of him. More hands seemed to grab him as he lay on the floor of the boat beneath the rising water. Travis was carrying the soothed Vincent towards the stairs.
“Help!” he tried to shout. But it came out garbled by the water. Travis turned around and lashed out telekinetically at the water. The water was shoved away from Raz and he quickly climbed onto his feet.
“Climb onto something.” Travis shouted. Raz vaulted onto the top of a table, which was only just above the rising water. “I’ll be back for you!” Travis shouted to him, before carrying Vincent up the stairs. The wall of the boat where the bullets had punched holes in it was started to collapse and let even more water through faster. Raz attempted to telekinetically shunt the rising water away but there was nowhere for it to go. It started lapping around his feet again. He considered attempting to telekinetically move the table over to the stairs but if it tipped over he’d be right back pinned to the floor drowning again. With very little option left he started to panic. Then Travis was making his way back down the stairs and wading across the room to Raz. The water was rapidly climbing. Raz could feel the Hand of Galochio trying to pull him down again and gripped onto the wall.
“Here.” he said, pressing a small round device in one of Raz’s hands. “Focus on the riverbank.” Raz was pulled under the water again, but as he was he managed to keep hold of device and pushed the button. There was a crack of lightning and the interior of the boat blurred and was replaced with the bank of the river. Raz sluggishly turned his head towards the river and spat out a mouthful of water. In the water he could see that the houseboat was almost entirely sunk with just the prow sticking through the water. That which hadn’t submerged yet was aflame. Vincent was lying soothed nearby. He felt like he’d just been put through a wringer. Raz couldn’t even muster the energy to stand up and just lay there and watched the houseboat sink. About a minute or so afterward Travis surfaced in the river gasping for breath. He swam towards the riverbank and climbed out of the river. For a couple of seconds he just stood and caught his breath, and then he made his way over to Raz.
“That psyport is hell isn’t it?” he asked flippantly, before bending down and helping Raz up. “It’s a serious problem.” Travis said. “You see if I want it to run on any energy source from the physical world then it works fine out here, but won’t work at all in anyone’s mental world. But make it run on mental energy and it’ll drain you dry.” Raz stood still. He felt like he was still attempting to catch his breath but he wasn’t even out of breath, he was still as physically strong as before but currently lacking the willpower to even walk forward. Travis satisfied that he wasn’t going to fall down turned and walked over to Vincent, picked him up and carried him onto the jet. Travis then came back and stood in front of Raz again.
“How’s it going?” he asked.
“Better.” said Raz. “It’s not very practical is it?”
“Not particularly.” said Travis. “Although it did just get you out of a tight spot.”
“Well I feel like the living dead at the moment.” said Raz.
“The main thrust of that sentence should be the living dead.” said Travis. “Good old living life.” Raz sighed.
“Shall we get moving?” asked Raz, as he managed to start walking back to jet.

Raz’s mental energy was returning quicker now. They were back on the jet on their way back to the hospital. Vincent had been laid on the uncomfortable chrome sofa.
“Thanks for saving my life back there.” said Raz.
“You’d have done the same for me.” said Travis. “Fact is you did do the same for me, despite the water as well.”
“Call it even?” asked Raz.
“Not quite, what about that figment that pretended to be me in Quentin’s mind.” said Travis. “You still owe me one for that.”
“Hey Raz, Travis, how’s the adventure going.” thought a sudden and unexpected voice in their heads. It was Ford.
“Ford?” asked Raz. “What’s going on?”
“Not much.” thought Ford. “I’m a bit bored actually.”
“No.” said Raz. “How are you talking to us?”
“Oh that.” thought Ford. “I was bored so I thought I’d amplify my telepathy through the psitanium and have a chat with you. What’s been going on? Is it exciting?”
“No doubt.” thought Travis. “It was awesome. There was a houseboat and we were creeping on board all silent and everything and–”
“We’ll tell you when it’s over Ford.” said Raz. “We need to hurry.”
“Well if you insist.” thought Ford.

They made their way back to Yolanda’s ward. She was awake again. Juke was lying in the bed next to her once again looking vacant and Sasha was sat talking to Yolanda.
“You were correct Travis.” said Sasha as he saw them approach. “The last time that Yolanda attacked anyone she was in a more public ward. One of the other patients said the L Word and she was gone.” Travis walked over to an empty bed and put Vincent down on it. “We can only assume that the idea behind the attack was to have you or her say the L Word in each others presence and for her to attack you. I’ve been searching through the records but I can’t find any bad blood between you and Vincent.”
“If this was an attempt to attack me then why do it while I’m in Quentin’s mind?” asked Travis. “I think there’s something else going on here and I intend to find out what it is. Would you just give me a minute with Yol first?”
“Of course.” said Sasha, walking over to Vincent. Raz followed him. “So Razputin. We didn’t really get a chance to catch up. How are things going?” Sasha pulled a psycho-portal out of his jacket pocket and affixed it to Vincent’s forehead.
“Not too bad.” said Raz. “Although I have mainly been spending the last six months waiting for a visit so I can get back out of the circus and back into… well… this.”
“You do realise that for all your talent you are still very young?” asked Sasha taking a seat. “I hate to see you put in such danger.” Raz sat down opposite Sasha.
“I know.” said Raz. “You wouldn’t have even called me in on this one if it wasn’t necessary. But I want to help people. Staying at home reading protocol manuals isn’t helping anyone. After this I want to be a proper agent. Not one who is just called in when needed.”
“We’ll see Razputin.” said Sasha, as Travis walked over and sat down beside Sasha.
“Ready?” he asked. Sasha and Raz nodded. They all focused on the psycho-portal and then they were gone.

All that Raz could see was the glitter of gold. Golden coins covered the floor, amongst them were golden statues, golden urns and massive golden statues pouring golden coins out of massive golden urns making a the effect of a golden waterfall. It was all very golden. There were obviously other marks of colour in the room; the white of a diamond, the green of an emerald or the red of a ruby. All in all it was a very rich room. The walls were decorated in ornate tapestries. They were stood on a raised platform at one end of what seemed to be a very long chamber. A small (golden) fence was in front of them and the stairs to either side descended straight into the coins.
“I think we can see what Vincent’s main motivation is.” said Travis before letting out a low whistle.
“Razputin do you remember in Yolanda’s mind how you ‘powered’ through the labyrinth?” asked Sasha. “How did you know that it was a labyrinth?”
“When I thought about it, it felt like there was another layer underneath.” said Raz after thinking for a minute.
“Is there another layer here?” asked Sasha. “This feels like it could be a very elaborate dead end.”
“No.” said Raz. “This is all there is.” Travis stepped down into the sea of coins.
“Come on.” said Travis. “Less talking, more figuring out what the hell is going on.” Sasha followed him down the steps.
“I think figuring out what the hell is going on will probably require a lot of talking.” said Sasha. Raz followed them down the steps to find that the ocean of coins almost covered him. He focused on using the levitation ball to get above the coins. As they moved through the coins all that could be heard was the chink of gold against gold.
“Stand still.” hissed Sasha stopping where he stood. Travis and Raz did the same but the chink of gold still continued.
“Greeds!” Travis hissed, preparing a psi blast.
“Greeds?” asked Raz.
“You’ll see.” said Travis. The sound of coins chinking against one another stopped for a second before a massive snake loomed out of the coins just ahead of them. It was gold like the coins and it’s eyes were red like rubies. It appeared to be built to camouflage. It dodged the psi shots from Sasha and Travis and darted for them. They dived to the side sending showers of coins up in all directions. Raz spun around to try and see where the greed had gone but it was lost amongst the coins. Raz lashed out at the coins telekinetically, sending a massive pile of them towards where they had come from. The greed, unmoved by the telekinesis turned and sprang at Raz. He stopped levitating just in time for it to fly over his head and back into the coins. Raz fired a couple of psi-blasts in the general direction of where the greed had landed, but it didn’t have any discernible effect.
“Any suggestions?” asked Raz. He looked at Travis who had just attempted to set fire to the greed and had started burning one of the tapestries instead then looked to Sasha who seemed to be looking off into the middle distance. The greed reared up from amongst the coins again and lunged towards Sasha. Sasha quickly fired a psi blast directly at it. With one hit it shattered into coins and rubies. Sasha turned and looked at Raz. “Yeah. Clairvoyance.” said Raz. “I’ve figured it out now.” Sasha smiled to himself.
“Good.” he said. “Because here come more of them.” Raz could hear the chinking of coins again from further down the chamber. One of the greeds sprang up out of the coins. Raz quickly locked onto it with clairvoyance. It lunged for Travis but Travis dodged out of the way just in time. Raz turned towards the greed ready to psi blast as soon as he spotted it. Or it spotted him, whichever was appropriate. From the perspective of the greed he saw himself, Travis and Sasha (well he assumed it was them, it looked like how they would look if they were dressed as thieves with large bags of swag) and just as the greed was about to pounce again he fired. The greed fell to pieces. Travis and Sasha were dealing with greeds of their own when Raz noticed a large shape moving down the chamber towards them. As it reared out of the coins it was clear that it was a greed but where the other greeds had been the size of adders this greed was like a massive anaconda. Raz forced all the coins in front of him towards it using his telekinesis. It screeched and slinked back into the piles of coins. Raz fired a couple of psi blasts at it, it being the size it was, was easier to spot in the coins. It launched itself at Raz from under the coins, catching him off guard and knocking him to the floor. Raz stood up again and turned around to attempt to see the greed. It hooked it’s tail around his leg and then pulled him back to the floor, where it reared up over him. From this close Raz could see it’s razor sharp diamond fangs, dripping with venom. Raz grabbed onto the greeds tail attempting to dislodge it. The massive greed prepared to pounce, Raz quickly psi blasted it in it’s face. It snarled and seemed to back off a little bit, although not enough to unhook his foot. Raz thinking quick held onto the segment of it’s tail that was hooked around his foot and soothed it. It screeched and wailed but after a second it collapsed, asleep. Raz dislodged his foot from the massive greed and stood up. He focused on the massive greed for a couple of seconds and set it on fire. After a couple of seconds it snarled and collapsed becoming just a pile of coins. Then he turned to look for Travis and Sasha.

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