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Writer's Block: Home is...

Posted on 2008.07.01 at 18:43
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Where do you call home?

Well I hear it's either where my hat is, or where I hang my heart. Although I lost that hat a while ago and since then I've been homeless. Until I find and reclaim the hat that is rightfully mine I will be forced to roam the streets forever looking for it and having crazy adventures with the people I meet on the street. All this and attractive lesbians coming soon to a tvbox near you in my exciting new tv series: Hat. Starring Noel Fielding as me, Adam Baldwin as my psychopathic best friend and fellow homeless person, Julia Vulkova as my crazy homeless girlfriend and Neil Flynn as my arch-nemesis; the evil mastermind who stole my hat.

So there you go. Another question successfully answered in a sane and plausible fashion. Tune in again next time to hear about my new show about lesbians.


op_ghostofyou at 2008-07-01 20:44 (UTC) (Link)
Nicceeee.. I look forward to reading more about such crazy adventures and shenanigans. lol =)
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