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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Writer's Block: Awesome Openers

Posted on 2008.06.30 at 11:25
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What are some gripping opening lines from films or books, and why do you think they work so well?

First lines don't make much impression on me. And why should they? Okay yes to hook people in to read the book but I say bah to that theory. And I also say no to it. Selling the story is what the blurb is for. First lines are there to pave the way for more lines and ultimately for a cohesive narrative telling an exciting story using well rounded characters in a variety of dramatic situations. Or something. If I've bought a book and glance at the first line and it's something lacklustre like 'The tap dripped another fat glob of water into the sink below and this is why I couldn't sleep' I wouldn't instantly think to myself 'oh god this book is going to be atrotious. I should just give up now.' Call me strange but I tend to give a book a little longer than that.

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