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Death Note - L

What's Better: Shipping or Shopping?

Posted on 2008.06.27 at 22:59
In the second of our What's Better rundowns we examine what's better: Shipping or Shopping. Now shipping is good because without shipping it would be hard to move things over large bodies of water. You would have to seal them into waterproof cases and then throw them into the sea and hope the tide will take them over. Which is unlikely but I suppose anything's possible. However Shopping is also good because not only is it good, it's also important. You see animals around the place. They're out foraging for food from the land. Eating plants and killing other animals to survive. It's 100% clear to me after watching these animals that shopping is what seperates us from the animals. Take away our ability to shop and soon we'd be tearing at each other with rusty nailguns and trying to sharpen our nails on wood. Or something. Anyway it's clear that both shipping and shopping are important. The only thing that's required now is a decision on which is better. Because this is a tough one I'm just going to flip a coin. And because I don't have a coin I'm just going to make a decision. The decision is that shopping is better. Surely if animals had little animal shops where they could buy food they'd be more civilised and would want to come and play dominoes with us.

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