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Tatu 23

Writer's Block: Passionate Eats

Posted on 2008.06.23 at 18:57
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What foods do you associate with romance or attraction?


God that was a really stupid answer. Hey guess what I'm not doing this week? Referencing my feelings about the latest Doctor Who episode every day (simply because Turn Left wasn't as mindnumbingly bad as Midnight). Isn't it weird how when I've watched or done something that has been dreadful I feel the need to go around harping on and on about it as though it's some kind of scab that I just can't leave alone. I did the same when that Lost game came out. You should have seen the sheer number of times I went on about it. It's like I was determined to revisit that trauma as much as possible. Possibly to get my moneysworth out of the trauma. Who knows how the human brain works? Yeah scientists probably but what do they know about Lost? Not a damn thing. They probably think that the island is just an ordinary island, the position of which can be deduced by ordinary science. That's the problem with being a scientist of course. Or learning any new skill in fact. When you learn a new skill you go mental, you allow the small part of your brain that's learnt a new skill to take over and you start trying to apply it to everything. Like for example scientists I bet when they learnt how to do science they started looking around and applying science to everything. To the way that butterflies flap their wings to cats in boxes to well more or less anything they could find. Soon we'll a flood of scientific theories about unmade beds or something. Like that woman who entered her bed as modern art. She'd just learnt a new skill. Presumably it was the skill of being paid very much to do very little, or possibly the skill of watching two TV channels at the same time. Who has the time to make beds when you can watch Jeremy Kyle and Supermarket Sweep at the same time?

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