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Doctor Who - Rose

Turn Left

Posted on 2008.06.21 at 19:37
Today's Doctor Who was better but not great. I was sat there watching the start and thinking to myself 'please don't be an episode where we find out what would have happened if something had been different' and lo and behold it's an episode about what would have happened if something had been different. It's a potientially good idea but the problem is it's always the same. The outcome of someone picking something different is always every single person they would have known dying. It's a bit cliched.

That said the end was exciting. Oh and by the way. I totally called the thing on Donna's back. (I even used the words alien parasite.) All hail me! I am the new king of plot prediction. For my next prediction I predict that the Bees were all stolen by the Rani. And the stars are being eaten by a giant space octopus.

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