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Buffy - Willow and Tara

College and Insomnia

Posted on 2004.03.22 at 11:27
Current Mood:: awakeawake
Current Music:: Silence
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So, I'm like up till 3 in the morning because I find it impossible to stop talking to Rage, and I have to be up and out of the house by about half seven so I can get to college and then i'm fine till like nine, the time of my first lesson, and then everything starts going really faint and quite far away, and dull and dim and everything. So i'm sat there jotting down random words that filter into my brain and I think I fell asleep about three or four times at least. And for all of this I blame Rage... who may be reading right now... Hello!
So I've come home for my mid college break, and also to update this, and now that i'm okay to fall asleep i'm wide awake again... bloody typical.
And the video recorder has fucked up on me, so that I have to watch my tape through a veil of white mist and a crackling noise.

So... everything is going wrong, yet i'm still happy and cheerful about it.... no change there then.

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