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Tatu 17

Writer's Block: How I got on LJ

Posted on 2008.06.17 at 10:24
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Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

Just one of those whims. I'm always joining things like myspace and facebook and myface and spacebook and so on and so forth but this is the only site that really stuck. I guess it really stuck because I actually had some friends on it. I'm still using it now, now that they have vacated Livejournal and in some cases the internet as a whole, because I have a permanent account. Plus it's fun.

I was planning on crowbarring some complaint about the latest episode of Doctor Who into every writer's block post this week but this one is a tough one. I suppose I could have gone for the 'I can't remember why I joined perhaps if I had a time machine I'd be able to travel back and find out... No that sounds fairly rubish as a time travel adventure. Almost as rubbish as being terrorised by someone who repeats what you say.' angle but I guess it's too late now. I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully the question will be a bit easier to guide in that direction. I'm hoping for 'What do you hate about people who repeat things you say?'.

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