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Tatu 16

Writer's Block: AAAGH!

Posted on 2008.06.16 at 13:21
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What is your worst nightmare?

Well I find that the most terrifying thing ever is people repeating what you say. I think that it's genuinely scary enough to base an episode of Doctor Who around. Alternately my worst nightmare is rewatching the latest episode of Doctor Who. I lay awake at night in fear that something will happen that will mean I have to watch that 45 minutes of mindnumbing tedium again.

Although on a more serious (relatively more serious) note I think my worst nightmare would be one where nice things happen to me. That's a rubbish nightmare. Surely something which you greatly fear should be your best nightmare because it's the best at being a nightmare. It's like all that business with your worst enemy again. My worst enemy is so bad at being my enemy he's actually my best friend. Well that's grammar for you. It comes along and needlessly complicates a quite innocent question and best of all it makes no apologies for it. And if you don't like it, tough!

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