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Tatu 15


Posted on 2008.06.15 at 21:18
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I shouldn't really do polls. It kind of ruins my fantasy that someone out there in the great void of the internet might actually be reading these gibberings that spew forth daily. It's like a wake up call forcing me to face an unpalatable truth and I'm going to treat it in much the same way that I treat wake up calls. I'm going to ignore it and go back to bed. Not literally though because I'm not tired. That'd be a daft way to live your life going to bed every time you got a wake up call. The ludicrousness of it all.

Anyway my opinion still remains Midnight was the worst thing I've ever seen. Now I know some people out there in the world (if they were reading this which they obviously aren't because it seems nobody is reading this) might say 'don't criticise something if you can't do it any better'. Well aside from the fact that that's a stupid way to live your life I can do it better. In fact if one small element of the episode had been changed then perhaps it wouldn't be quite such a rubbish episode.

Okay so keep all the start. Keep the whole episode right up until the woman is turning around. She turns around, nothing visibly wrong with her like in the actual episode. Then instead of having her repeat what people are saying have her stare blankly at people in a really malicious way. Which starts to unnerve the passengers. Occassionally people start having visions of the other people in the train attacking each other in like quick dark flashes. They all start fighting and arguing as per the episode somehow decide the Doctor is aligned with the monster. Possibly he's not getting any horrific violent visions or something. The woman recovers while the Doctor collapses. They almost throw him out but stop and so on and so on.

Essentially the problem with the episode is that it's about a woman who repeats what you say. That's not frightening. It's tedious and annoying. The episode therefore became tedious and annoying. Problem solved.

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