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Tatu 39

Twelve Days of Junemas

Posted on 2008.06.12 at 20:24
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Okay so yesterday's entry was a bit rubbish, although I am proud that if you input "fight angry otters" into google then the only place that turns up is this place (that's with the speechmarks, otherwise there's lots of places that pop up). Anyway it wasn't disappointing so much in content because content was there in spades. Otters, lesbians, porn... what more could you want? I'll tell you. You could want some kind of a point. Well today I'm going to find a point even if I have to jab myself with one.

So anyway I meant to do the whole Oracle of the Months thing. I should have done this twelve days ago but sometimes things just can't be helped. So I now declare this month to be Junemas. Similar to the old name but just different enough that I can make up a song about what has happened during the last twelve days.

On the first day of Junemas Zeddish gave to me, a quiz based on my favourite movies.
On the second day of Junemas Livejournal gave to me two evil QWIMs and a quiz based on my favourite movies
... (skip to the end)...
On the twelth day of Junemas Livejournal gave to me: The Twelve Days of Junemas, Eleven Angry Otters, Ten Lesbian Friends, Nine Disliked Films, Eight Visits to Space, Seven Lumps of Cheese, Six Big Brother Contestants, Five Fake Rumours, Four Boredays, Three New Clothes, Two Evil QWIMs and a quiz based on my favourite movies.

Why not do your own Twelve Days of Junemas song? Oh right, you have a life. Sorry forgot.

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