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Tatu 29

Lesbian Thought For The Day

Posted on 2008.06.10 at 22:57
Okay so Lesbian News is still sad and depressing, I fear that ultimately most lesbian news might prove to be sad and depressing, here's a new item: Lesbian Thought For The Day. That's not exactly a thought for the day that lesbians might have. Like 'other women are sexually attractive' or whatever but instead a thought for the day that concerns lesbians. I admit that at this point in the I only have one lesbian thought for the day and any others might be a little tricky to come up with but hey I'm this far into the entry, I'm posting it whether it's a foolish idea or not. So here goes.

Straight women and gay men typically enjoy a very close relationship, presumably based on a mutual appreciation of men. How come the same isn't true about straight men and lesbians?

I know the answer is kind of self-evident but I don't care I still think it's a valid thought for the day and demand that society rectify this little discrepancy.

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