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Tatu 10

Writer's Block: Irksome Films

Posted on 2008.06.09 at 19:55
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Talk about the movie that you love to hate the most, and why.

Firstly an honourable mention goes to Sorority Boys which although I've never seen it, I'm informed it's legendarily bad. However if we're just going off of films that I have seen and hate then I guess it would have to be 2001: A Space Odyssey: the very epitome of tediousness. If you look up the phrase 'mind numbing tedium' in the dictionary odds are you'll see a picture of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Well you would at my house because I've edited my dictionary and if you gave me five minutes and a pot of glue then I'm sure your dictionary would say the same.

I'm doing the most ridiculous thing ever now. I'm staring up at my DVDs in order to find more inspiration for films I hate. As though I keep a collection of DVDs of films I hate right up there next to the DVDs of films I love. However thanks to the magic of the internet I've remembered that I also hate Lost in Translation, Constantine, A.I., The Terminal, Lord of the Rings, Donnie Darko, Troy and The Godfather. Yes I hate the Godfather. You know why? Because Marlon Brando is an incomprehensible buffoon who talks like he has a sock made out of charcoal living in his throat. I loved the book but I'll hate the film forever thanks to you Marlon. A curse! A curse on both your houses! Also what kind of a name is Marlon? That's almost a brand of champagne but not even quite that. It's a stupid name to have. Thank god it belongs to such a stupid person.

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