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Tatu - Julia 3

Writer's Block: Banished to Space.

Posted on 2008.06.08 at 10:42
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If you were exiled to outer space, where would you be sent and what would you bring along?

If I wanted to be really awkward and unfun this morning I'd relay my doubts on who would be exiling me into space. I mean come on in this day and age who gets exiled into space? Not even Hitler or Saddam Hussein got exiled into space. I must be one hell of a bastard to get exiled into space. In which case I'd probably look for the nearest occupied planet and bring various implements of torture or something. However since I'm not in an awkward and unfun mood I'll not mention all that and just go along with the absurd nature of the question. I also won't mention any other number of problems with the scenario. Such as where I'm going to get my air from on these planets. How I'm getting to these planets. How Earth World Government or whatever, is going to make sure I don't just turn my transport around and come back. The fact that I can't drive a spaceship. All that and more are things I'm not going to mention.

I'd probably look into going to Venus but be immensely disappointed when I arrive and realise that despite being the green planet it's not some tropical alien paradise. I'd live there anyway and eat space pineapples until I figure out what the hell I've been exiled to space for.

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