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Tatu 48

Contestant Opinions and an Early Bet on a Winner.

Posted on 2008.06.06 at 18:34
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Because I'm lazy I'm copying this verbatim from the notes I made on the various contestants for this year's Big Brother. Some parts may not make any sense as they are responses to things that were either being said on the TV or perhaps in the room where I was sat.

  • Mario (stupid face) and Lisa - Married Couple. Annoying laugh. Annoying. Never been to Italy. Too Much.

  • Luke - Talks fast. Student. Blather. Anyone who talks that fast talks rubbish. He won't be like this all the time. Defensive. His friends are all blind. Booed the crowd & saluted. For chrissakes please feel free to not voice every single thought you have. It's a blur you know.

  • Stephanie - Egobox. Not all that. What the hell is she talking about? She should be annoyed by herself.

  • Rachel - High pitched voice. Gibbering. She's banging the middle. She's still got her bum.

  • Dale - Doesn't think he's ugly. He doesn't think. Doesn't like uggos. Self important arrogant egotistical bastard. Straight for a mirror.

  • Sylvia - Fashion reject. Going to go on and on about being in a war whenever she wants sympathy. Christians really care about nightclub opening hours. Not attractive.

  • Dennis - Gay. He eats dancing. Thinks a lot of himself. Like he's some kind of arcane power or something. The best thing about him is his hat. Oh god, that voice.

  • Michael - Must be blind to dress like that. Likes women's clothes. Sympathy vote.

  • Alexandra - She's a river. She thinks she's great. Self centered. She's a genuine person. Not a pretend person. Who are ya? This year's Charley.

  • Rex - Hate his laugh. Will stay because he's a chef.

  • Mohammed - Makes a suspiciously big deal about how he isn't an illegal immigrant or a terrorist. Afrowig? bleh.

  • Rebecca - Incomprehensible. Thinks she's Lily Allen. Go into the house already. Looks like she's having a fit.

  • Darnell - Albino. Got called Danielle.

  • Jennifer - Opinionated. The type of person who imposes her views on everyone else. A mother. Fear of tomato soup. Dolphin in back garden... euphemism?

  • Kathregon (or something) - Thai. She dances like an idiot.

Michael is going to win so why bother watching the show?

So there you have it. That's Big Brother for you. There's absolutely nobody in there of any real interest and so I'm stopping watching and talking about the whole thing before I even start. Seeya again tomorrow for a less Big Brother related entry. Probably a Doctor Who related entry.

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