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Tatu 58

Big Brother 2008 (also known as a Thrilling Thursday of Thrilling Things)

Posted on 2008.06.05 at 18:01
I think we've all heard the rumours about a lesbian obsessed mancunian layabout going into the house this year and while I cannot confirm or deny this rumour I can announce that from tomorrow I won't be updating my livejournal for undisclosed reasons for an indeterminate period of time.

Of course not! I wouldn't go into Big Brother if they paid me. Which of course they do if you win the money and everything. But even so I wouldn't go in because I know what it's like. They put in people who are specifically designed to annoy you (look at Charley from last year (in fact don't look at her that only encourages her)) and while I suppose I might be considered a bit annoying because I'm unable to stop blathering on and on about the slightest little thing that comes into my head I just wouldn't do it. I'll watch the opening night though and see if there's anyone who isn't massively infuriating. Hint: everyone will be massively infuriating. No exceptions. That's the point of opening night. To make you hate every single person in that house. So tune in tomorrow for great swathes of hate-filled blather.

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