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Tatu 19

Writer's Block: Makeover! Or: Creepy Crawlies

Posted on 2008.06.03 at 11:50
Current Music:: Paramore - Emergency
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If you had the chance to go crazy and completely overhaul your appearance, what would you do? Or: Recount a remarkable incident involving insects.

If I decided to overhaul my appearance I'd have to get a bit thinner, start wearing jeans, a fedora and trenchcoat and dye my hair green. That would be precisely what I'd like to look like. However if I went crazy and then decided to overhaul my appearance who knows what I'd look like. I'd probably be sporting the extremely fashionable tin foil helmet or something. Who knows what I'd do if I was crazy. Well crazier. Anyway why has Writer's Block gone all indecisive? It used to be so certain about what it wanted to know. Hell there was a whole month when it asked nothing but questions about photography. Well it seemed like a month. Those were simpler times back then. I'd give anything for questions like that nowadays. Well almost anything. Well nothing actually but it's the thought that counts.

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