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Heroes - Eclipse

Calendar Failure

Posted on 2008.06.01 at 13:16
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Calendar Failure doesn't mean that the calendar has broken or been torn to peices or that it is unusable in any way. In fact Failure may be the wrong word here but nevertheless I think that my Heroes Calendar has managed to fail. The problem is this calendar has been manufactured by someone who doesn't understand why people buy things.

For example April is Nathan Petrelli month and the caption reads 'Nathan Petrelli... ambitious politician'. Okay fair enough he is an ambitious politician. I would thought that his ability to fly might be more important but we'll go with it. August is Micah Month. What might the caption have to say about Micah? Controls Machines perhaps? No. 'Micah Sanders... a young genius.' Okay fair enough. We'll go with that as well. The real giveaway that this calendar has been designed by an idiot comes in October, Peter Petrelli month. The caption is 'Peter Petrelli... thinks he can fly.' There is your problem. This calendar is designed for people who have never seen Heroes. Someone in charge of making the calendar has obviously not been informed that people who buy the Heroes Calendar will likely have seen Heroes and would expect some kind of reasonably up to date information. Not necessarily second series but certainly end of the first series.

The reason I bring this up today is because this month is the most obsolete month of all. Simone Deveaux month. The caption reads "Simone Deveaux... Issac's Girlfriend". Great. Way to keep up with the program. For a start she's his ex-girlfriend. If that wasn't enough she's dead. So a dead ex-girlfriend. But that's not all. She's the dead ex-girlfriend of a dead character. Brilliant. I'm so going to print off a picture of Sylar and just replace her. This month will be Sylar month. The caption will be "Sylar... eats brains".

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