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Tatu 30

Eurovision Song Rubbish

Posted on 2008.05.24 at 18:49
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - Phantoms Now
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This entry is only really about the horror of a show that is the Eurovision Song Contest so that I can make one single joke. The english entry this year is Andy Abrahms or something. He's more affectionately known as Andy The Binman. Although he's not a binman any more he's still heavily involved in rubbish.

See wasn't that worth it?

Anyway I hate The Eurovision Song Drivel because every year it messes up the schedules. No Doctor Who. No Russell Brand. Nothing. The bountiful land of Saturday Night television and radio is suddenly made painfully arid by a flood of talentless europeans hijacking the airwaves.

No Pushing Daisies for me either. But that's only because I found an alternate, internet-based, place to watch the remaining episodes, as well as the episode that ITV decided it couldn't be bothered to show. Needless to say much fun was had by all.

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