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Tatu 14

Almost Lesbian Almost News

Posted on 2008.05.22 at 15:19
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Three Students Come Up Winners in Diversity Essay Contest. By Melissa Navas. In Tabetha Snead's opinion, people -- and in this case, animals -- should be able to love whoever they want. That's why the Vose Elementary School fifth-grader wrote the story of Lola White Tail, a deer who advocates for gay and lesbian rights and embracing other cultures.

Okay so I think this lesbian news isn't working out. Not only have I had to use a story about a stupid equality deer as a lesbian news item but it's also an item written in annoying newspaper talk. Nobody in real life would come up to you and say "In Tabetha Snead's opinion, blah blah bliddely blah." Well obviously not because nobody just says part of a sentence and then says blah repeatedly but you know what I mean. Who is this Tabetha Snead? Is she a sexy lesbians and if not why should I care what her opinion is? Also Tabetha is a stupid name for a child and her parent's obviously wanted to buy a cat and got a little confused and ended up with a human child instead. And how is an equality deer news at all? Most television geared towards young children nowadays is designed to brainwash them into equalityism (that and send them into a saccharine-induced coma), it can hardly be a surprise that eventually one of them would just start regurgitating all this kind of rubbish back up when they reach an age where they're able to. Also deers don't care about equality. If they could tell us what they think about the world they'd probably be more concerned about how people go around killing and eating them.

Okay so judging from all that stuff I just said I think that Lesbian News should take a short break until such time as there is genuine lesbian news to tell people about. Either that or till tomorrow when I need something else to witter on about.

So seeya tomorrow for more lesbian news. Possibly containing actual lesbianness next time.

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