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Tatu 19

Lesbian News - No News Is Bad News

Posted on 2008.05.21 at 20:24
Current Music:: Lene Marlin - Another Day
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So at first I thought to myself "Oh no! There's no lesbian news happened in the world today, I can't do lesbian news! Tragedy!" Then I thought to myself "Hang on, on the previous days when there has been lesbian based news I've only made passing mention of the news itself, mainly focusing on the lesbians. Therefore I can do it like usual just without the actual newsy bit at the start." Then after further contemplation I thought "Nah that'll never work, I need to get some of my sexy lesbian readers... and there must be at least one... to send in some kind of information about what happened to them yesterday and we say that's lesbian news." Then I thought "Oh yeah, I don't have any readers. Nevermind then. I can just go back to bed." And then I did, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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