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Tatu 55

Lesbian News - Better Than Lesbian Olds, But Not As Good As Lesbian Nudes

Posted on 2008.05.20 at 13:39
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People of Lesbos Lay Claim to Name. Recently, three residents of the island of Lesbos laid claim to the word "lesbian." The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit on April 10 suing the association Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece for using the word "lesbian" in its name. The litigants claim the organization's name "insults the identity" of the people of Lesbos, who are also known as Lesbians.

Why are people who live on islands seemingly incapable of being sensible. The word lesbian as in 'sexy lesbian sexyness' is far more widespread than the word lesbian as in 'citizen of Lesbos' so they should just shut up and get on with their lives. If need to say where they're from why not just say 'I am from Lesbos' or alternately 'I am a Lesbosian' which is good because it sounds like some kind of futuristic lesbian from some lesbian planet or something. Anyway I refuse to have any sympathy to people who think the word lesbian is an insult. If I was a lesbian I'd wear that mantle with great pride and come up with clever arguments as to why lesbians can't dismiss me out of hand because I'm male.

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