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Tatu 54

Lesbian News - Now With Actual News

Posted on 2008.05.19 at 17:21
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Gibraltar Gay Group Welcomes Court Action and Council of Europe Decision. Equality Rights Group GGR has welcomed the start of a hearing in the local courts today of a complaint by a lesbian couple against the Gibraltar Housing Department.

I'm thinking of changing to another provider of lesbian news already. This story has none of the required elements to make it an enthralling lesbian news story. I mean look at it. Who is this equality rights group? Why should we care what they think? Who is this lesbian couple? Are they sexy? What is their complaint? Is their complaint that they are too sexy? Why are they complaining that they are too sexy to the Gibraltar Housing Department? Is the scene in court like a lesbian version of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy... but with sexiness and nudity? These are important questions that can't be ignored.

Tune in next time for yet more tastelessly reported lesbian news.

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